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Velatura is semi-transparent paint (colored glaze)that is suitable to decorate both exterior and interior.Well known in Italy and very popular by the name Velatura, in Germany and France it goes by the name Lazur. A thin layer of glaze is applied to well dry surfaces with different tools like brushes, sponges, or decorating gloves.A technique […]

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Grafiato is textured finish easy and quick to apply with features hydro repellency fungi and weather protection, resistance to salt spray, external and internal application. Grafiato is a type of finish that turns walls in to real panels. Modern, economical and practical graffiato makes the most beautiful and easy to the budget work. Easy to […]

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Stucco Rustico

Stucco rustico is a technique based in application of a thick material(lime based putty -acrylic plasters) with irregular strokes of the trowel. The imagination of the artist provides the desired effect. When the material is dry (next day) we can apply a coat or two of a siloxanic transparent glaze suitable for interior and exterior […]

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