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“Travertino” is a material that can reproduce the natural stone travertine found mostly in Tivoli in Italy.

Actually is the main stone used by Gianni Lorenzo Bernini to build the famous colonnade of St. Peters square in Rome.

Michelangelo also use “Travertino” as the material for the external ribs of the dome of St. Peters Basilica.

The ancient name of the stone was “Lapis Tiburtinus” meaning timbur stone named by the city of Timbur, different forms of travertine and colous can be found in China, Turkey, Hungary, Usa, Afganistan and Guatemala.

Romans used extensively Travertino for building Temples, Monuments, Bath complexes amphitheaters like Colosseum.

It’s also one of the most common stones in the modern architecture.

Material can be applied on surfaces in the formation of Travertino Romano (blocks) or in free style like solid block on wall.