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“Stucco Veneziano” or venetian plaster is a decorative finish that imitates venetian marble, it was first discovered in Venice Italy around 1450 in order to cover the needs of architects and decorators to reproduced a material similar to real marble, that technique involved mixing aerial lime with marble dust and linseed oil blended when hot, application was carried out in 6-7 layers and decorators used it in high class residence. Fifty years later the technique disappeared and came back to life in mid 70.

We have few types of material most common in use is lime (calcium) and acrylic, both highly glossy when polished.

The tones and effects that appearing on walls depends on the skills of the decorator.

Material is friendly in use, non toxic and provides durability, resistant to atmospheric agents, aloud the walls to breathe and is resistance to mould makes perfect to use, it’s been characterized like the most elegant and aristocratic effect.